Aura Colors

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Colors of the aura provide a guide in understanding our emotions, consciousness, energy processes and centers. As with any system that categorizes people by personality traits there are no “better than” or “worse than” aura colors. Your aura may contain different colors, but one colour usually predominates.

Red, yellow and orange aura colors are warm colors and denote extroversion, expressiveness, practicality and vitality.

Red aura color: physical energy, strong will, physically-based person personality or sensuality. Harsh red tend to indicate emotionally charged physical animation, usually anger, perhaps suppressed, that needs to be resolved or harnessed. Warm red points on sensuous, or physically charged and healthy person.

Yellow aura color: intellectual, thinking, working faculties. Yellow color of the aura also indicates on fun-loving, playful, even childlike people, who may look younger than their age, love to laugh and have a great sense of humor. However, when the yellow is dull, there may be secrets and sometimes not honest intentions.

Orange aura color: friendly, open, approachable, very independent, easy-going, highly intelligent and creative, love to partake in high-risk, physical challenges. A very pale orange aura can reflect uncertainty and low self-esteem.

Gold aura color: high vibration, show up as a core color in an extremely evolved spiritual person.

Silver lights or twinkles: Seeing silver colors in aura may mean that a person is pregnant, have been or may soon be. However, this is not always so. Seeing this may indicate a very creative person.

Blue and green aura colors are the cooler colors which generally show sensitivity, peacefulness, as well as, an inward and intuitive nature.

Blue aura color: spiritual, loving, caring, helpful, best givers but not very good receivers, patient, nurturing, intuitive. Such people tend to have cold hands and feet. Bright blue is altruistic. Navy blue has an unworldly quality. Dull blue aura colour can suggest that concern for convention is leading to rigidity.
 Blue aura color is the colour of healing.

Green aura color: healthy, balanced, powerful, calming, sensual, charming, ambitious, business-minded, goal-oriented, strong-willed, organized, efficient, impatient, perfectionistic and demanding (of self and others). Green is the auric colour of the heart. It is especially dominant when relationships are the main issue. A clear green aura is a good sign of fidelity and trustworthiness. Pale green can suggest emotional dependency. Dull green may conceal conflicting emotions or an emotional leech. Yellowy-green can be a sign of possessiveness.

Lime green aura color: not many have this color and are balanced; usually stress-related.

Brown colour reflects a person who is 'earthy' and that a person is establishing new roots. If it is seen in the chakras, it may mean that a person's energy is in some way being blocked, a one is unhealthy, or just to much going on (stress).

Black color: black color of the aura usually indicates a body without life, may reflect a person who is hiding something or indicate an imbalance. Black spots may indicate that aura is imbalanced in some areas. This may mean that a woman or a man has negative habits that she or he should work on. Easy aura color exercises helps reduce these spots.
Also remember, Black contains the entire color spectrum. It is just not visible to the human eye.

Violet and white aura colors symbolize imagination and a spiritual orientation towards life. They imply that their owners have the ability to be connected to consciousness, great insight and vision.

White aura color:  a lot of energy being sensed; it also means that a major life question has been answered for that person, the more white next to the body the more questions have been answered. White aura color is the colour of spirituality, of the creator, and, though not often seen, draws pure light from the cosmos and in return sends forth inner lights in all other colours, so that the whole aura sparkles.

Violet aura color: spiritual, inspirational, dynamic, sensitive, focused but not necessarily in reality, visionary, charismatic, powerful, magnetic, love being the center of attention. Violet color of the aura tells that a person has an incredible emotional depth and compassion, have a strong sex drive.

Purple aura color: it is a combination of Blue and Red, a mixed bag and a spectrum of what it could be. It is the auric colour that deals with the spiritual and psychic side of human nature and is predominant in an intuitive person. Deep purple is the colour of spiritual awareness. When the auric purple is muddy it implies that its owner is spending too much time on dreams.

Purple aura color is the colour of healing.

Pink aura color: physical energy being diffused, hence it is a calming color. Pink color can show up in the outer bands of someone who has an intense desire for love and romance. A pale but clear pink reveals inner harmony.



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